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    Kênh VBCMonday, May 10, 2021 5:01 AM

    #TERABLOCKIDO Information:——————————————————
    ✅ Staking Eligibility Deadline: Tuesday May 11th, 5 AM UTC
    ✅ Allocation Round: Tuesday May 11th, 8 AM UTC
    ✅ FCFS Round: Tuesday May 11th, 1 PM UTC
    ✅ Pancakeswap Launch: Tuesday May 11th, Time TBA

    ▪️Stake enough$BSCPADtokens to achieve your desired tier:▪️Complete KYC (one time process)▪️Both of these steps must be completed to be eligible for participation
    Bronze🥉(1000-2499 tokens) and Silver🥈(2500-4999 tokens) must complete additional tasks to be eligible:

    1. Join the#TERABLOCKTelegram: Follow#TERABLOCKon Twitter: Follow#BSCPADon Twitter: Send an original tweet (not a reply) from your Twitter account that includes the#BSCPADand#TERABLOCKhashtags5. Complete the whitelist form:

    Kênh VBCSunday, May 2, 2021 6:00 PM

    🏪 TeraBlock is the simplest solution for people looking to enter the cryptocurrency market and easily manage their portfolio with the help of machine learning driven trade automation.

    💁 Four pre-defined indexes give beginning users the simplest way to diversify and automate their cryptocurrency investment strategy.

    🔌 Experienced users can build multi asset portfolios with specific rebalancing percentages and let TeraBlock do all of the work in the background.

    💸 TeraBlock also provides easy on and off-ramp solution for clients looking to buy, hold, trade or sell cryptocurrencies.

    💵 Public sale scheduled for:
    Tuesday May 11th

    Join the white list here:▪️Website:▪️Telegram:▪️Twitter:▪️Medium:

TeraBlock ($TBC)

🏪 TeraBlock is the simplest solution for people looking to enter the crypt...

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