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    Африканистикаlunedì 16 agosto 2021 14:52

    В Зимбабве стартовала неделя российского кино. Телезрители увидят фильмы «Жестокий романс», «Дядя Ваня», «Белый тигр», «Курьер» и другие произведения российского и советского кинематографа.
    Неделя проводится при поддержке посольства России в этой стране на юге Африки в рамках налаживания сотрудничества между телерадиовещательными компаниями.

    Как отметили в российском посольстве, зимбабвийцы всё больше интересуются изучением культуры России и русского языка. Об этом также свидетельствует успешная работа дистанционных курсов русского языка при Институте дипломатии в Хараре, открытых Санкт-Петербургским государственным университетом.#Россия#Russia#Зимбабве#Zimbabwe#культура#culture#РусскийЯзык#Russian

    📡Guardians of Hong Kongmercoledì 22 luglio 2020 03:46

    ⬆️⬆️⬆️ continue reading#ColdWar#US#China#RussiaPhone Call between Chinese and Russian Foreign Ministers:  Wang Yi Accuses US of Using Pandemic to Smear Other Countries, “US Has Lost Its Sense of Reason, Morality and Credibility”China’s official press agency, Xinhua News Agency, reported that Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had talked with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov over the phone on 17 July, 2020.
    Wang emphasised that the US had used every means to shift its responsibilities and smear other countries by way of the pandemic. He said the US had gone on such lengths as creating hot spots and confrontations in international relations, and had lost its sense of reason, morality and credibility.  Wang bluntly expressed that the US had pushed egoism, unilateralism and bullying to the limit, “not what a great power should be about”.

    Wang also said that the US had returned to its notorious “McCarthyism” and an outdated “Cold War mentality” in its policy approach to China, deliberately provoking ideological oppositions and breaching fundamental principles of international laws and relations.  He asserted that China would firmly defend its legitimate interests and dignity.

    According to China state media Xinhua’s report, Lavrov remarked that the US had long venerated the American exceptionalism and egotism.  He said lately it had even torn away its façade and made no attempts to disguise, casually making threats and waving about its baton of sanctions.  Lavrov said that Russia opposes unilateralism in international affairs.

    Wang further stated that as major responsible countries, China and Russia reject “any actions destructive to international order and against historical trend”.   Together, they will jointly safeguard world peace and stability as well as maintain international justice.

    Source:Stand News#Jul18#Smearing#CoronavirusPandemic

    VPN CLUBvenerdì 26 giugno 2020 18:59

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    📡Guardians of Hong Kongvenerdì 17 aprile 2020 07:20

    #CoronavirusPandemic#InternationalRelationsRussia, China and the European Union vie in SerbiaAs the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, rival powers are deploying soft power and aid to advance their own foreign policy goals in Belgrade, major players are looking to use soft power and aid to fulfil their foreign policy goals.
    //First, the Chinese came to Belgrade, with planeloads of equipment and six medical experts to help coordinate national coronavirus policy. An emotional Serbian president kissed the Chinese flag in gratitude and slammed Europe for its lack of assistance; For China, it is changing the narrative to present the country as the solution to COVID-19, not its cause.//

    //For Russia, it is using more modest resources for maximum effect, with Russian military vehicles driving through Italy or a planeload of equipment dispatched to the US partly produced by a sanctioned company.//

    //For the EU, it is trying to prove that talk of European values and solidarity is not just empty words.//

    //The Americans, focused internally under US President Donald Trump’s administration, have largely been absent from the COVID-19 diplomacy game.//

    // Serbian officials said the Chinese experts, who have remained in the country, are now running the government’s coronavirus policy. Serbia is following the Chinese model of isolating even mild cases of COVID-19 in large field hospitals, rather than trusting people to self-isolate.//

    //A survey carried out in December last year showed that many Serbs believed Russia or China to be the country’s largest donor over the past two decades, while in fact the EU had given about 100 times more than either.//

    Source: Taipei Times#Apr14Full Article:

    Jewish News™domenica 16 giugno 2019 04:59

    Trump retreats on election meddling remarksPresident#DonaldTrumphas stepped back from comments he made about reporting foreign interference in a#USpolitical campaign. He told#FoxNewshe would "of course" refer to the#FBIany offer of damaging information about a political opponent.
    Mr Trump disputed in another interview aired this week whether the FBI should be notified of such approaches.#Democrat's said he was giving#Russiathe go-ahead to meddle again in#Election20.

    Trump retreats on election meddling remarks

President #DonaldTrump has stepped back from comments he made about re...
    Jewish News™martedì 11 giugno 2019 03:59

    Nixon's ex-White House counsel John Dean laid out 6 striking parallels between the Mueller report and Watergate investigation#JohnDean, the former#WhiteHousecounsel to President#RichardNixonand the star witness in the#Watergatehearings, told#Congresson Monday that the former special counsel#RobertMueller's report is to President#DonaldTrumpwhat the Watergate roadmap was to Nixon.
    Dean's testimony came as part of a House Judiciary Committee hearing exploring the Mueller report and obstruction of justice. It is the first of several sessions the committee is holding to educate the public on Mueller's findings and drum up support for#Impeachment.
    The Mueller report, compiled by the former special counsel Robert Mueller, details#Russia's interference in the#Election16and Trump's efforts to obstruct the investigation. It did not recommend that Trump or anyone on his campaign be charged with conspiracy related to Russia's election meddling.

    Nixon's ex-White House counsel John Dean laid out 6 striking parallels between the Mueller report and Watergate inv...

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